So I Walk Into This Bar……

stop comparison!! i love this:
When my eyes are off of myself and onto God I don’t notice if I’m lacking or if I even think of myself as better than someone else. I just see God. And when I look at someone else I can see them as a soul who is loved by God. My sight needs to change, my heart needs to change.

A Girl Like Me

Ok.. so not really a bar… more like a restaurant/ bowling alley/coffee shop and it happens to have a bar.  It was a rare night out for me.  Usually my nights consist of folding laundry, giving a child a bath, cleaning up dirty hands and maybe if I have time I’ll eat some food along the way.  But here I was 8:30 at night after the kids went to bed and I’m out on the town.  I didn’t have time to change clothes or fix my makeup, but I didn’t really care at the moment.  I was just thankful to be out in the life of the living.  It was no longer me and a frying pan… It was me and the rest of the world!  Come on world!!!  I have conquered my home and now I will conquer you!  😉

As I walked through the doors, however, my confidence…

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